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  • Want to transport your guests back to the disco-dancing 70s? Would you like to recreate the fun of the swinging 50s? Have you always wanted to party in outer space, the Wild West, or even underwater? Our Theme Team can help your ideas become reality! We can dress and theme your event to your exact specifications and bring your plans to life with the imaginative use of lighting, props, backdrops, flowers, entertainment, bands, lighting, novelties and costumes. Whether you want your party to bathe in opulent drama or to exude demure charm, our staff will help you create exactly the right atmosphere for an unforgettable experience!

    A Colourful Bat Mitzvah

    The Clissold Arms - Muswell Hill

    Snowflake Theming

    A winter wonderland

    Colour-Changing LED Bar

    Match the colour to your theme

    Bespoke Table Centres

    A tea party in Royal Berkshire

    Glowing Seats And Poseur Tables

    Colour-changing contemporary style

    Harry Potter Theme

    Castles, stars and candles at Hampton Court House

    A Starry Winter Night

    Black starcloth teamed with a starlit dance floor and subtle lighting

    Outdoor Lighting Package

    Syon Park - Brentford

    Ready For A Romantic Wedding

    Classic lanterns and candles