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Good Production Makes Your Audience Happy
GREAT Production Makes Them Want More!

Deliver a successful and rewarding event and leave a lasting impression on your audience

You can find a GOOD production team for your event easily enough,
but if you want to be different and create an AMAZING production, you’ve discovered the BEST team…

You’re probably aware that pulling off an event involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work, which is why
you’re here. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the checklist for your next big event, don’t worry!
We’re here to make it all easier for you.

We specialise in turning your event plans into a seamless production while keeping stress at a minimum!
However, if you already have experience and know what you need but want to be sure you have the right
support from a high-level production company with everything you need to give you that edge – Call YES!

Why Us?

Whatever your budget and need, our expert team will save you the hassle!

Challenging Production? No problem! We’ve helped everyone – from Tough Mudder to Mercedes, from Channel 4 to Disney – to captivate audiences and deliver on-brand messaging, so you’ll know we’ve got you covered

Call 0800 024 1234 to take your production to the next level

Everything You Need To Run Any Size Production

From small conferences to large arena spectaculars, YES Production will provide all the necessary elements for a successful and professional end result, whatever the scale.

From start to finish, our dedicated production team can help you find the right location, walk you through the technical requirements and supply everything you need from staging, rigging and lighting to visuals and audio.


Whatever type of stage your production requires, we’ve got you covered. Regardless of size and whether it’s outdoor or indoor, we can set your stage – from modest podium events, catwalk fashion shows and local festivals to arenas and international conventions.

If you have bespoke needs but just want it ‘done’, or even if you’re currently unsure what type of staging would suit you best, get in touch and our team will be happy to create an in-budget option to meet your requirements.


You already know that the right lighting will make all the difference to your production.

We’re here to provide everything you could need, whether you already have the specs sorted or you need some expert planning and design ideas to create something special and transform your show!


Whatever type of stage your production requires, we’ve got you covered.

Regardless of size and whether it’s outdoor or indoor, we can set your stage – from modest podium events, catwalk fashion shows and local festivals to arenas and international conventions.


The first ingredient of great production is dependable power. We have the knowledge and infrastructure to deliver reliable energy to keep your show online.

We prepare meticulous power plans and will supply and manage all cabling and distribution you will need to keep things running smoothly.


Whether you’re planning something BIG that needs a complex bespoke structure, detailed design and sophisticated engineering, or simply need to display branding or banners, we provide all the required support.

We listen first, then present you with a complete solution with recommendations focused on your specific brief, that’s regardless of the scale or complexity of your production.


Displaying your visual masterpiece to audiences of any size has never been easier.

We have scalable displays and equipment in all forms so you can deliver video content which meets your requirements and wows your audience.

And if you need something truly outside standard video forms then just let us know – we have the newest technology to create things you may not even realise are possible!

TRUSTED & Professional

Its About Being The Best

You’ve probably heard it all before, but YES make no excuses for the passion with which we’ll deliver you a FIRST CLASS production.

Here are a few customers that happily recommend us… Because we DELIVER!

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Exciting & Atmospheric


Producing your sporting event naturally takes a lot of planning. You’ll be wanting to work with a team that has extensive experience in providing efficient, cost-effective solutions but is also flexible and quick to react to the fluid nature of putting on great events.

Our production team work at all levels with sporting titans like Tough Mudder, the Drone Racing League, McLaren and The Netball Super League…

CALL: 0800 024 1234 and we’ll get you on track!



Planning an impressive and (most of all) effective brand activation is something that not everyone can pull off.

Whether you need help from the outset with planning and designing your activation, or you just want a highly experienced team to deliver your vision on time and on budget, YES has everything to fulfil any criteria.

We’ve produced brand activations for clients at all sizes and budgets from Disney to Volvic and Mercedes-Benz to Lego. We’re ready to assist you increase your reach and keep your brand at the cutting edge.


Stunning & Breath-taking


Whether you need an off-the-shelf marquee for a few hundred guests or a branded, specialised and bespoke structure for your production, we have everything you need.

No idea what you need yet? Speak with our planning and design team and we’ll talk you through everything and give you all the best options.

CALL: 0800 024 1234 to get YOUR idea off the ground!

Memorable & Exceptional

Festivals / Concerts

You can focus on your audience whilst we look after every technical aspect of the show.

The planning and day-to-day running of your festival or concert is key to putting on a great and successful event.

Our team will take care of everything behind the scenes so you can concentrate on the great atmosphere.

CALL: 0800 024 1234 to get YOUR audience on their feet!

Entertaining & Mesmeric

Touring / Theatre

A flawless tour, on time and in budget.

You concentrate on the performance and we’ll focus on accurate technical execution.

Our staging, lighting, sound, video, rigging and production management services will enable you to focus on the content your audience’s love, while knowing everything else is in hand.

CALL: 0800 024 1234 to get YOUR show on the road!


TV / Media

Create visual impact or highlight your brand with stunning visuals for TV or other media viewers.

Be displayed in the best light on-camera and grab the world’s attention with dazzling video, media and scenic elements in all formats and styles.

If you have a live studio audience we fully understand the different needs they have to the home viewer. Our extensive live event experience positions us perfectly to make sure your crowd have a great time whilst playing their role in your full TV production.

CALL: 0800 024 1234 Create the perfect image for your audience


Visitor Attractions

Create something special that wows your guests and leaves them spellbound…

Work with our team and we’ll help you do just that – we have wide experience of creating superb destination events. Our vision and experience are unparalleled, and together we will produce something truly amazing that will leave people wanting more and wondering how you did it!

CALL: 0800 024 1234 and start wowing your guests!

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