During the past five years my organisation has continued to enjoy a very positive experience with Yes Events who have provided outstanding service and exceeding our requirements for our highly successful and award-winning community music festival. It is not just the high quality sound, lighting and stage service they provide but importantly their first class advice in helping us to continually upgrade and improve the event has been hugely valuable…”

– Colin Ive, Organizer: “Gig On The Green”

Put on a memorable show that leaves people wanting more…

You’ve got an event planned and you’ve decided on a great venue. But when it comes to transforming that empty outdoor area into a stunning concert or festival you’ve already spent enough time staring at blank sheets of paper or confusing websites full of ‘things you may need’.

At Yes we’ve seen this a lot and we know the setup and knowing exactly what equipment you’ll need to run the show is a headache, we hear it from clients like you all the time.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to waste your time on the detail… You want to Rock your audience with style and that’s where we come in.

We’ve years of experience at equipping and staging all kind of outdoor events from local events to Tough Mudder. So, whether your event is up-close and personal with just a few hundred attendees or if you’ve got a plan for something BIG with thousands, Yes Events will happily provide be able to advise for everything from site services, generators and other infrastructure to bespoke custom structures. And we do it in ENGLISH, not tech speak.

Call 0800 024 1234 and we’ll help you Rock-star Your Event

Our services were created for you… We’ve produced every kind of corporate event you can think of. But we know you don’t care about ‘us’ you care about your business, your customers and the experience on the day. You want everything to fall into place and just ‘work’. That’s where you need some outside help (and presumably why you’re here).Get StartedFind Out More

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