Things to consider for town/city centre events.

Choosing your event space

When choosing your event space, there is a number of things to consider. We’ve devised some helpful hints and tips to ensure your event goes off without a hitch!


Is there access to mains power or will your activities require a generator? Consider the location of the generator in relation to local businesses.

Our generators are ‘super-silent’ in most cases, however, consideration for those near it will need to be taken. We also supply cable ramps and track-way.


When planning locations for activities, do so in anticipation of increased footfall and try not to put things too close together. Think about whether your activities may block emergency access routes. Typically a minimum of 2.4m width clear access is required by emergency services.  

You will also need to consider access for vehicles to set-up and de-rig your event. Some streets have width restrictions so it’s important to understand what vehicles will be brought to site by your suppliers. We have a range of vehicles suitable for all types of delivery.


When choosing locations for your activities, consider residents who may live within the vicinity and any noise generated during the set-up (sound checks, moving equipment, building structures etc.)

Be mindful of access to shop fronts and fire exits remaining clear. Some activities may attract queues so consider any need for barriers in order to manage crowds. We can assist in advising with crowd management and access routes to ensure minimal disruption.


If your event location requires a road closure, you will need to contact your local authority/highways agency to arrange this. In doing so, be sure to check for any planned road works and provide a mobile number for your event manager on the day in case of any emergency works that will override your road closure order and potentially disrupt your event.

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